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From St. Petersburg to Tampere

ID Trans fer cityType of trans port Num ber of trans fers Travel timePriceDetails
1 DirectBus09 h + transfer to home 2000 рSPb - TMP
2 HelsinkiBuses19 h 15 min + change from 800 RUB + 10 EURSPb - Hel - TMP
3 LahtiTrain + Bus1 5 h + changefrom 40 to 100 EUR SPb - Lah - TMP
4LahtiTrains24 h 40 min + change from 50 to 100 EURSPb - Lah - TMP
5TikkurilaTrains14 h 30 min + change from 60 to 110 EURSPb - Tik - TMP
6HelsinkiTrains15 h + change from 60 to 110 EURSPb - Hel - TMP
7 Airport VantaaBus + Regional train + Train 29 h + changefrom 800 RUB + 10 EUR SPb - Hel - TMP
8 DirectCar07 h Calculate your fuel consump tionSPb - TMP
9HelsinkiTrain + Bus15 ч 45 min + change from 50 EURHelsinki
10HelsinkiBus + Train1 9 h 15 min + changefrom 800 RUB + 10 EUR Helsinki
11Hitch hiking TMP - SPb
12 Your Ads

1) You can take Allergo train St. Petersburg - Lahti, Lahti - Riihimaki, Riihimaki - Tampere, busstop to Hervanta is across the road, busnumbers 3 and 13, busstop Hervantakeskus is close to the DUO moll

- This method seems most fast and comfortable to me, but you need to change transport several times.

- The Cheapest price is for the morning Allergo 6:40 am, it is about 55-60 euros

2) You can take a door-to-door transfer from address in St. Petersburg to address in Tampere. Copy

«Трансфер из СПб в Тампере»

Open the yandex.ru website and pase it there.

The price is 2000 RUB. They can ask you to pay 50 EUR, but usually it is cheaper to pay in RUB.

The worst thing in transfer is time that can or can not be lost during the process of gathering all passengers. Sometimes it takes more than two hours before you can leave St. Petersburg. So the road can take 8 - 12 hours.

- The best thing is that you do not need to change transport. When I need to take heavy lagguage I use door-to-door transfer.

There are various ways to travel to Tampere via Helsinki. I will review some options to reach Helsinki from St. P.

From St. Petersburg to Helsinki

3) На Allegro train around 39 EUR in the morninig

4) Semi-regular bus, РТЦ or any other, they start from Ploshad' Vosstania (Площадь восстания) metro station near "Bookvoed" shop (Буквоед) and stop near the railway station. There can be some additional time-consuming stops especially close to Helsinki, but compared to transfer you loose less time.

The advantage of this method is its price 800 RUB in the night.

5) If you need to go to Helsinki in the daytime you can take Lux Express, there is a coffee machine, toilet and movies in the bus, and it is most comfortable among all busses mentioned here. It travels according to timetable, usually does not wait long on the border. Normal price is around 1800 RUB but there are some tickets for 900 RUB. I recommend to open PINS account, it will give you some discount.

From Helsinki to Tampere

6) Direct VR train usually costs 23 EUR.

7) Regular Onnibus costs from 2 EUR.

8) Other busses: Onniexpress Big gaps in the timetable Expressbus Usually expensive.

You can join somebody in this vk.com communities

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My way

Previously I was using 4) and 7). The bus is in Helsinki at 6 AM. Now I prefer 5) and 7)


Door to door bus

St. P → Tampere

1) On the shuttle bus to Tampere, from the address to the address (in Yandex you can search for

«Transfer from St. Petersburg to Tampere»

and find yourself a minibus).

Price starts at 2000 rubles. They can offer you to pay in Euros, for example, 50 euros, but this is not profitable.

The main drawback of the transfer is the time spent on collecting and delivering passengers to addresses, it can take a total of hours 5 and even more, i.е. a transfer Tampere - Petersburg from 12 hours is quite real, say, through Vsevolozhsk or Lomonosov.

The advantage of this method is that you do not need to change busses , which is beneficial for those who have a lot of luggage.

Tampere → St. P.

In the opposite direction, the transfer from address to address is ordered in the same way. In Yandex you can search for

«Transfer from Tampere to St. Petersburg»

Or in Russian

«Трансфер из Тампере в Санкт-Петербург»

Keep in mind that carriers are often tied to aircraft flights, so if you were first told that they will arrive at 20 00 and you need at 18 00 and you say so, you can promise to come to 18 or 19, but with a high probability of doing so they can not. The worst option is when the driver is waiting for a flight to Helsinki. You will be told that someone is late from the plane, and will have to wait until several hours. But usually this does not happen, and hours for 9-10 you will reach.


By Bus

2) Здесь два варианта добраться до Хельсинки: более дешевые amgtravel , РТЦ and other small carriers or a larger Luxexpress and Ecolines

Luxexpress is much more comfortable then small busses, it has wi-fi, a vending machine with hot drinks and a toilet. He travels to Helsinki for about 7 hours and can Stop at the Teboil (washer) and in Kotka. It is advisable to buy tickets online. usually there are not many empty seats. He is slightly more expensive and landed only in the center of Helsinki at the bus station Kamppi and also does not call in Duty Free, so you need to choose based on your preferences and schedules. Small carriers can take you to an address in Helsinki or Vantaa and also land on the way, say in Porvoo or Kotka.

From Helsinki Luxexpress takes only from Kamppi and Vantaa Airport and travels to Petersburg approximately to the opening of the metro.

Smaller busses can pick you up at the airport or on the road if it is convenient for them and go to the Vosstanya Square at St.P. with a stop at the Chernaya Rechka and sometimes somewhere else.


St. Petersburg - Lahti - Tampere

3) With Allegro train to Lahti (from 30 euros). In Lahti, the new bus station itself adjacent to the railway.


We leave and take the bus to Tampere. If you pre-buy on matkahuolto then you can keep up to 5.5 euros.
If you want to get there quickly and not too expensive - then this is the best option. But this option does not work with the evening allegro, tk. so late buses from Lahti to Tampere do not go.

From Tampere to St. Petersburg everything is about the same as in the opposite direction, I have not seen any pitfalls.


St. Petersburg - Lahti - Riihimäki - Tampere

4) На train Allegro to Lahti (from 30 euros), from Lahti to Riihimaki (from 6.8 euros), from Riihimaki in Tampere (from 16.6 euros). Near the station there is a bus stop we pass straight, we cross the road. If you need, for example, to Hervanta, then we take the bus number 3, 6 or 20. The center of Hervanta is the stop of Hervantakeskus near the shopping center. center DUO

- This method is good if you want to get there quickly, and cheap bus tickets Lahti-Tampere is no more. Lets just a little bit To save in comparison with the option through Tikkurila, but you need to do an extra transplant.

- The price of the issue, if you go to the morning Allegro at 6:40 about 55-60 euros.


St. Petersburg - Tikkurila - Tampere

5) This way I would describe as «expensive and fast». You can get there very quickly, in theory, in less than 5 hours and do only one transplant. All tickets can be purchased at vr.fi. The only nuance - in the summer the last allegro comes too late and you can not change trains at Tikkurila.

Tampere - Tikkurila - SPb

From Tampere we also just buy tickets forvr.fi


St.P. - Helsinki - Tampere (train)

6) On the train ride about 5 hours plus a transfer. To go by train directly through Helsinki there is no special sense, tk. faster change to Tikkurila or you can choose a more difficult route through Lahti.

Tampere - Helsinki - St. Petersburg (train)

Similarly, and from Tampere to go by train through Helsinki usually makes no sense. You can go to Tikkurila and save a couple of tens of minutes.


St. Petersburg - Vantaa - Tampere

7) Buy ticket at amgtravel or РТЦ to Vantaa Airport. And a ticket from Vantaa to Tampere on the onnibus site

Aэропорт Вантаа
At the airport following the signs and go down to the trains. This is quasi-ring branch of electric trains in Helsinki-Vantaa

Пригородные поезда Хельсинки

You need to go to the Kivisto stop. It's less than 10 minutes. Exit, walk to the stop Keimolanportti which is near the filling-out and wait onnibus.

From Tampere to St. Petersburg

Tampere - Vantaa - St. Petersburg

Buy Onnibus ticket from Tampere to Vantaa and order a place in the Luxexpress amgtravel.ru or RTC bus From Vantaa Airport to St. Petersburg. Small buses make stop in the airport around 8:40 PM but I recommend to check timetables beforehand.

Hervanta stop image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website Get into the Onnibus which is on Tampere - Helskinki route. You can do it e.g. in Hervanta near DUO
Keimola Leave the bus at Keimola-Vantaa station.
Подземный переход image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website You are at Keimola around 20:00. Follow the direction pointed by the green arrow.
Тоннель image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website Go downstairs to a tunnel and turn left.
Кивисто image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website Walk approximately 250 meters to the Kivisto railway station.
Туннель image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website Here is a photo of the tunnel (picture captured at 21.10.2016)
Лестница image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website When you see this stairs go upstrairs (follow the green arrows). The blue arrow is pointing to the Kivisto railway station.
к поездам image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website Enter the station and go downstairs to the trains.
платформа image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website If you were entering the station same way I did then you need the left track. Anyway, it is better to doublecheck it. You need the train to the airport (Lentoasema) which leaves at 20:10
в аэропорт image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website If you are late for this train you can take the next one at 20:25 and still be in time It is a ring road but it will take much more time to reach the airport in opposite direction.
направление image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website Go to the airport (Lentoasema) station - it is the second stop and it takes approximately 10 minutes to be there.
терминал image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website Find the Т2 terminal of Vantaa airport

Go upstairs, and follow the guidlines.
эскалатор image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website Go up to the second flour.
автобус image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website Exit the terminal and go to the bus. It leaves approximately at 20:40 but you can call the driver assistant to specify you situation if you are bit late.
карта image form www.andreyolegovich.ru website You can arrive to St. Petersburg Vosstaniya Square at 03:30.

Route takes about 9 hours and looks like this

It is a relatively comples way to travel to St. Petersburg for experienced travelers. This method allows to save one hour.


St. Petersburg - Tampere by car

8) Here everything is simple - physically closer to go through Lahti, and the road there is more beautiful, but it is two-lane and restrictions on speed is lower, so many travel through Helsinki, circling the city on the roundabout.


St. Petersburg → Helsinki (train) → Tampere (bus)

9) A rather unusual combination, which I used only once, when I was riding in the summer at the evening Allegro and was forced to wait for the night bus to Tampere. I do not recommend repeating unless absolutely necessary.


St. Petersburg → Helsinki (bus) - Tampere (train)

10) The method is good if you go by night bus and manage to find vr.fi discount «train to Tampere for 10 euros.» It often happens that the train go before buses. In the opposite direction did so only once, when he overslept onnibus from Tampere to Helsinki.



11) You can search at vk.com. That is not the method I recommend to everybody but I was using it during my Lappeenranta studies

VK.com community for ridesharing to Finland


Tampere - Lappeenranta

13) After the expansion of the routes onnibus.com you can apply an alternative method of travel to St. Petersburg. On onnibas to Helsinki, from there on onnibas to Lappeenranta and from Lappeenranta, for example on a ride to St. Petersburg. If you buy tickets in advance, then the road from Tampere to Lappeenranta will cost about 12 euros and somewhere 7 hours on the road. Those. the option is quite good and very budgetary.


Other methods

14 Other buses:
Onniexpress Has very few departures per day

Previously it was very expensive, it's better by train, but now there are stocks, then the price is not worse than onnibas. But in general, all Finnish carriers which I already know have connected to matkahuolto.fi

St. Petersburg - Helsinki St. Petersburg - Tampere travel guide
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